Revisiting Plex and NFS

The Raspberry Pi 3B is just a bit too weak to provide quick transcoding of HD files. But it has been working great for photos, podcasts, and music. I have long wanted to get the Atomic Pi back in the mix. For too long now, it has been sitting on a table, taking up space and collecting dust. Sounds like I have a job for it.

I installed Ubuntu Server on it from a USB stick. I’d rather go with Debian, but most of the tutorials center on Ubuntu. As it is, I installed Plex via a Snap, which is a first for me. It was kind of painless.

With Plex installed, I saw Pi2 listed in the web GUI, which is also kind of cool, as I don’t recall having multiple Plex servers running in the past. But, the main focus was to get the NFS shares mounted. To do this, I used the Linux ‘history’ command. I do not log into Pi2 all that often, so all of my previous steps were still there. I copied these out, pasted them in a text doc, reordered them, and updated them for the Atomic Pi (which does not have a Pi user).

sudo mkdir -p /mnt/Music
sudo mkdir -p /mnt/TV_Shows
sudo mkdir -p /mnt/Videos
sudo mkdir -p /mnt/Photos
sudo chown -R hannamj:hannamj /mnt/Music
sudo chown -R hannamj:hannamj /mnt/TV_Shows
sudo chown -R hannamj:hannamj /mnt/Videos
sudo chown -R hannamj:hannamj /mnt/Photos
sudo nano /etc/fstab
! Add:
# NFS   /mnt/Music   nfs    rw  0  0   /mnt/TV_Shows   nfs    rw  0  0   /mnt/Videos   nfs    rw  0  0   /mnt/Photos   nfs    rw  0  0
! Install NFS client
sudo apt-get install nfs-common -y
! Mount up!
sudo mount -a

This got it done in short order.

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