Pretty Frank Activated Charcoal Seaside Deodorant, Update

I think we have a winner here. It is about a week and a half after I started using the new deodorant and I am seeing (smelling) (not smelling?) positive results.

First, it has a much creamier texture than the magnesium had. That was about my #1 complaint about the magnesium. The activated charcoal stuff goes on with zero pain. My biggest worry is that I will over-use it! You only need to use a pea-sized amount in each pit, but it is so creamy that it is easy to pick up too much.

The scent isn’t all that bad. No complaints from Jenny. It fades fairly quickly, but that does not mean that the deodorant is not affective. It is. For days. We are still in COVID lock-down mode here, so showers have not returned to the daily rotation just yet. Stop it with your eye rolls. You know it is the same in your house. The point is, with one application, I was ABLE to go multiple days without a shower and without smelly pits. The activated charcoal is the key.

As an experiment, I took a shower two days ago and afterwards did not put on any of the deodorant. Well, this morning I am starting to think that I should probably do something about that.

So far, I am very pleased with this version. I hope that they continue to make it in a few months when I need to replenish.

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