Pretty Frank Deodorant Update

It is that time again. Not every post here is about computer parts or star pictures. We tend towards the biological from time to time, too.

It has been 150 days since I received my jar of Pretty Frank Unscented Magnesium Natural Deodorant. It doesn’t appear that they make it any longer, which may or may not be a bad thing. My jar is now empty.

While it worked for the most part, I never got used to how tough it was on my pit hairs. Seriously, if there is going to be pain involved, those around me are going to be forced to suffer until I simply can no longer get away with not wearing any deodorant! That accounts for the extended amount of time that this 2oz jar lasted.

Another problem I had with it was the “unscented” aspect. Sure, it didn’t smell of fake flowers or chemicals, but it did have some kind of funky organic odor to it. I debated the proper word to use there. A smell would have been OK. This was decidedly an odor, which seems to run counter to what a deodorant should be doing.

Another knock was, and I think this goes back to the root of the company when it was called Primal Pit Paste, the feel of the paste on my skin. It was waxy and took more than a few seconds of hot water and soap to remove it from my fingers after applying it, or from my pits while in the shower.

After using this for so long, I wanted to get back to the activated charcoal that I found so effective with Piper Wai, but I messed up and should have read my blog before I placed my order. Primal Pit Paste is just a way better name for a deodorant and seems to have stuck with me. I mistakenly ordered a jar of Pretty Frank’s Charcoal Seaside, which is decidedly not unscented. I’m not really sure what it smells like exactly just yet, but it is peppery and brown and sure to annoy my wife, which is a plus. She’s super sensitive to smells. I’ll let you know how this jar goes in, oh, 150 days!

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