rclone: Cloud Storage Glue for Linux

Man! My last post was in November!?!?! I have been on quite the ride since then. Someday, I will get you caught up.

What I want to document today is a new toy that I just discovered, called rclone. Basically, it runs on Linux boxes and allows syncing with Cloud storage services that do not normally sync with Linux. I am looking at you, OneDrive, and you lack of a native Linux client.

I popped my old 1TB spinny USB2.0 external drive onto my main Pi and set this up on there. I would say it took 30 minutes to get installed, from initial install video to fixing the last error message. Here the video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9u0LibdiF88

Honestly, I haven’t even finished up with that video yet, as it seems to drift into GUI Land. This Pi is GUI-less, which meant a second “install” on a Pi with a GUI. This is for the logging into OneDrive part, and retrieving the oauth key, which is copied and pasted into the main setup.

The final error was cleared up by following this blog post. Long Story short, if he takes down his blog, the error was fusermount: exec: "fusermount": executable file not found in $PATH and was fixed by sudo apt install fuse Easy peasy.

The goal is to do local reads and writes to the file system via SAMBA shares, and let the Pi and rclone handle syncing to OneDrive. In theory, this should work, and will allow me to remove a headache whereby Jenny can never find anything in OneDrive and is always asking for a network drive instead. How this is different, I do not know. But it is different to her, so it is a headache to me. Trust me, after the last five months, I need less headaches in my life, not more.

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