SoftEther VPN and the Raspberry Pi

I finally bit the bullet and migrated the SoftEther VPN server to the Raspberry Pi. The holdup was the public hostname that the remote client looks for. This hostname seems to be one of the reasons that this solution works for my particular case at all. Maybe not the hostname, but the domain that the hostname uses in the URL:

If I tried to use OpenVPN with Dynamic DNS, say,, I’d be blocked at my client’s proxy server. They block, as well. But seems to be flying below the RADAR.

Anyway, the drawback of SoftEther VPN is that this URL name cannot move. I’ve read that if you simply copy and paste the old key that they generate for you to the new server, it should work with no problem. But…I have not found this to be true. What’s a geek to do?

I just rejiggered the SoftEther client on my work-issued laptop and connected straight away. That isn’t too bad for a Raspberry Pi!

Speedtest: Boston to Greenville, RI

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