SSL with Let’s Encrypt on Namecheap

My hosting provider does not fully support Let’s Encrypt for free SSL certificates. This site shows how to set it up manually.

It worked! I have two domains on my host: and, which is my forum site for my old friends now scattered. I enabled the 1-year-free SSL/TLS cert from Namecheap on the end of things. They wanted to charge me for a cert for, so that is where I installed the Let’s Encrypt cert. Honestly, the link above guide could use a rewrite. There are some serious steps that are mentioned in it, but not demonstrated. Like the whole

For my scripts to work, you should generate one certificate for each set of domain and subdomains. For example one for,, and another certificate for,,

tip. I could not figure out how to get to be included. Using a comma, like the “example” threw an error. Just leaving a space also threw an error. Oh, and you will need to find the actual commands on the github page. Also, I am not 100% sure how to actually “sign up” with Let’s Encrypt. When I tried to add my email address, it said it was already registered. Whatever. We’ll see what happens in three months! I am Secure!

secure lock

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