Addressing the Dropbox Link Change, Part II

Well, that obviously didn’t work. šŸ™

But, I found this page that talks about getting around the whole ?raw=1 stuff. I wasn’t convinced that would work, but it was exciting to see the image pop up in the editing field while writing that post. Let’s see what happens, using his “pro tip”.

Stock link is

Modified is
That is working in the editor. How’s it look in the post?

Interesting. It took the modified “pro tip” URL and converted it to one specific to this blog. I’ll take that as a win. I need to figure out how to post code snippets here. It modified the URL that I pasted in above to show the “local” URL, rather than what I actually entered. Not sure how I feel about that, but I’ll take it. Now to look at some old posts to see how I can fix the damage.

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