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Build a Raspberry Pi Webcam Server in Minutes

I have this up and running with the official Pi NoIR v2.1 camera module. I purchased it from these guys, as Bezos has enough money already. This camera will soon be moved to the basement Pi to try and revive the OpenCV oil tank monitor project.… Read the rest

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Raspberry Pi POE HAT

I am gearing up to return to this OpenCV project. Changing jobs and such do make hobbies a challenge.
Looking at how to power the Pi once it is installed on the oil tank is causing me some headaches.
I’d love to keep this thing running on WiFi and not have to run an Ethernet cable, but then I am left with having to run an extension cord and power the device via the USB port.… Read the rest

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Making the computer “see”.

I am currently down the OpenCV rabbit hole.
I want to velcro a Rasp Pi to my oil tank and have it “see” how much oil is in there.
I don’t want to see a picture of the meter. That would be too easy.… Read the rest

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Installing Python 3.6.2 on raspberry pi (raspbian)

I want to update to the latest version of Python 3.6.6 on my Raspberry Pi 3B. I do not want my first go with 3.7 to be on a Pi! This Pi will be used in the basement as part of an OpenCV project.… Read the rest

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