Build a Raspberry Pi Webcam Server in Minutes

I have this up and running with the official Pi NoIR v2.1 camera module. I purchased it from these guys, as Bezos has enough money already. This camera will soon be moved to the basement Pi to try and revive the OpenCV oil tank monitor project. That will free up the camera module currently in the basement Pi, as I was never really happy with the white light LED solutions that I came up with. I’m thinking about starting and stopping this Motion service with a pair of timed CRON jobs on a Pi using the normal camera module.

Here’s a picture of my messy desk. It does motion, but this is just a screen-capture to show the quality. I have the capture dialed down to 640×480, but native mode is something like 2x 1080. At native, I can actually read text on that laptop screen! The noIR camera has, well, no IR filter, so things get a reddish tint. I also happen to have it housed in a bunch of red Lego.

Calin and I were playing with the NoIR camera last night, as the 48 IR LED lamp arrived yesterday. I’ve got to say, it does a damn fine job. Calin was kind of blown away by “seeing in the dark”, which is sort of the point.

Learn How to build a Webcam server on the Raspberry Pi.

Source: Build a Raspberry Pi Webcam Server in Minutes

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