Top Linux Distros at This Time

Top Ten on 3/22/2020
  • I tried MX Linux, but it wants to run from a USB thumb drive, so…no.
  • I’ve already detailed my not enjoyable experience with Manjaro.
  • Elementary apparently wants money, so no. Yes, I am one of those Linux users.
  • Solus is an Irish distro, which caught my eye, but it is aimed at newbs.
  • I’ve read good things about Zorin, which is also Irish. But something didn’t grab me. It may have been that it is based on Ubuntu, which is not Linux. There is a Debian version, but I skipped it for some reason. I may come back to this one in the future.
  • Deepin… Well, I don’t really feel like volunteering to install Chinese software at this point in time, thank you very much. It does get rave reviews, however.
  • Skipped Debian, which is kind a PiTA to install on this laptop…and is basically on every one of my Raspberry Pis.
  • Ubuntu is not Linux.
  • And I was bored with Fedora.
  • That leaves Mint. Mint is typically based on Ubuntu, but they just released Debbie, which is based on Debian. This is the one I went with. Install was smooth. Most everything I want is there or easily available. So far, and this is a huge problem I had with Manjaro, the OS does its job and stays out of the way. Manjaro seemed to be constantly begging to have its bits twiddled and was always in the way. So far, so good with Mint Debbie. But no Brave browser in the stock repos, so that is one negative. 😉

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