rsyslog & LogAnalyzer, follow-up

Well, it has been a solid day watching these nagging log entries scroll by over and over again.

I just cleared up a cacti issue on Pi1 by determining that I was not actually using cacti for anything and removing it, along with the CRON job that was generating the log entry.

On Pi3, I did the same for MRTG, which I am not actually using.

Then I tackled a vnstat issue on Pi1. It is actually collecting data now! Looks like I installed it on 8/18/2018…and got it running on 3/17/2019. This thread was key in getting the issue sorted.

The one biggie that remains to be cleaned up is 1wire error message about my temperature and humidity sensor being missing. I need to fix up the bad solder joint (mine) on there and get this installed ASAP. I am using the log message as a constant reminder.

So far, I am loving this thing!

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