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Walking the path of my ancestors

I am recently back from a trip to Dublin, in which I took part in the Centenary celebrations of the 1916 Easter Rising. I will cover that in a different post. For this post, I am more concerned with sharing my experience in tracing my Hanno/an ancestors.… Read the rest

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The Dead and The Restless, Part 2

I can’t believe I never got back to this! Sorry about that.

So, when we left off, we were in a cemetery in Dublin. The Find-A-Grave volunteer that answered my call for photos proved to be one of the best. He made several trips to the cemetery and sent a load of pictures.… Read the rest

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Genealogy Updates

Calin’s Irish Citizenship paperwork was kicked back. We need to provide a copy of “a gov’t issued photo ID”. Umm? You mean a passport? Yup.
So that is currently in the works as of last Monday.

DNA: Jenny’s brother’s results are back.… Read the rest

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The Dead and The Restless

This is a follow-on to the post about all of the new Flynn info. It is hard for me to come to terms with the fact that while all of that was going and all of the following was getting started, that I was studying for and taking final exams!… Read the rest

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Being Irish-American

I had a dream last night about a load of Irish-Americans that I have known over the course of my life being all gathered together for a Christmas party in a small town in County Cork. I wanted to think it was at a restaurant in my grandmother’s village, but no such restaurant exists there.… Read the rest

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Ranganna Gaeilge i Sasana Nua – Google Maps

I’ve started taking Irish classes again. It is great to be back at it. My sister found a group near her in Westerly, RI. Last night she started teaching it. I am very impressed with her. This morning I put this map together to see where the Irish language classes in New England are located and where there needs to be some expansion.… Read the rest

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Ellen (O’Connor) Arnold

Cousin Robert Barry from Rathcormac, County Cork, just sent me some interesting details he’s recently turned up on a common ancestor.

Ellen (nee O’Connor) Arnold was married to Bartholomew Arnold. It appears that he did not survive The Famine. On the Griffith’s Valuation (basically, a tax census) for 1852, we find multiple entries for Ellen!… Read the rest

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An email to my sister about my last Irish class

My class last night was really strange, but good. It was probably the smallest turn-out yet. Just the hardcore. It seemed everyone had an leabhar. Smug and Mrs Smug were missing and that made a definite impact on the group. Padraig was not there, so it was both classes (my class being three of us) and the remains of the other class all under Bernie’s tutelage.… Read the rest

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Oro, Se Do Bheatha Bhaile

For the Brod Club.

If we are lucky, we will be part of the April 9’s final episode.… Read the rest

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Started attending my first Irish class!!

I started attending my first Irish class at the Irish Cultural Center last night. It was really pretty good. I think everyone was very impressed at the turn-out. I stopped counting at 24 students. There were about 6 or 7 “intermediate” students, but they were soon whisked off to a separate room with the head instructor.… Read the rest

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